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New Year’s Resolution: Eat Better Quality Chocolate

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New Year’s Resolution: Eat Better Quality Chocolate

Hello, 2023! The new year marks a turning point for many people. According to Statista, the most popular new year’s resolutions are “live healthier,” “personal improvement,” and “happiness.”


Of course, making resolutions to try and improve ourselves over the course of the next year isn’t entirely necessary. We’re all for “New Year, same me!” 


At the same time, setting goals and following through naturally boosts your self confidence and allows you to explore your mind and your interests. 


So let us give you a resolution that’s easy to achieve this year: Eat better quality chocolate!



Chocolate has many health benefits, particularly if you eat quality dark chocolate, like the “real” kind offered by Legacy Chocolates in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Real chocolate hosts a bevy of nutrients such as copper, fiber, iron, manganese, and magnesium.


Let us list the many ways eating better quality chocolate can be beneficial to you this year!

Protect Against Heart Disease

If you’re looking for a good reason to eat chocolate and protect your heart, indulge in some dark chocolate! A study from the University of Cambridge found that eating chocolate regularly lowered the risk of heart disease. 


Many other studies have found that chocolate promotes cardiovascular health. This benefit comes with real chocolate that has less milk and more cacao content, so reach for that dark or medium bar

Boost Your Brain Power 

A study conducted to test cognitive performance in relation to chocolate found that people who eat one chocolate bar per week showed improved cognitive performance than those who did not. Yep, your brain loves good quality chocolate! 


Treat yourself and your noggin: Buy a box of dark chocolate truffles and boost your brain power.

Improve Your Mood

The science behind chocolate and your mood involves the fatty acids in dark chocolate; The fatty acids stimulate the neural activity in the part of your brain that controls feelings of pleasure and reward. That’s why we feel happy eating chocolate!


Legacy Chocolates’ Potion #9 is a perfect way to improve your mood by topping your favorite desserts with chocolate. 


Prevent Cancer

Some preliminary studies show that chocolate is rich in antioxidants, which can help people develop fewer cancers than those who don’t eat chocolate. 


In addition to antioxidants, chocolate has flavonoids, which can protect against free radicals, which also cause cancer and diseases like Alzheimer’s. 


Eat dark chocolate and soak up those antioxidants and flavonoids!

Enjoy Pregnancy & Make Your Baby Happy

Eating chocolate is a lovely way to help you get through the stress of pregnancy. According to a study out of Finland, women who ate chocolate each day during pregnancy were able to manage their stress better than women who did not eat chocolate. 


Plus, the babies that were born tended to be happier babies. Combined with chocolate’s power to improve an expecting mother’s mood, is there any question that indulging in quality chocolate can help your pregnancy go smoother?

Stock Up On Good Quality Chocolate This Year

Now that you know why eating better quality chocolate is a great New Year’s resolution, make sure you stock up on your favorites from Legacy Chocolates! Shop online or visit us in Saint Paul, Minnesota, at the corner of N. Robert Street and 4th Street East. 


You can also give us a call at 651-340-5252, or send us an email.



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