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Why Do Mint & Chocolate Taste So Good Together?

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Why Do Mint & Chocolate Taste So Good Together?

Let’s not kid ourselves here; chocolate is one of the best-tasting things on the planet. So many types of chocolate are at your disposal, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and even creamy sipping chocolate!


Yes, chocolate takes many forms, but one such combination is an enigma of taste buds: Mint and chocolate. You may have been scarfing down a delicious minty-chocolate treat and wondering, “What makes this unlikely combination so tasty?”


Well, Legacy Chocolates has the answers for you below!

When Did Mint & Chocolate Become Popular?

Despite their seemingly timeless flavor, mint and chocolate have only been popular for almost 50 years. It is said that Marilyn Ricketts, a student at a culinary university in England, is widely cited as inventing the chocolate and mint ice cream flavor. However, Baskin Robbins claims mint and chocolate chip were among their 31 original flavors in 1945.


Either way, you slice it, the combination of mint and chocolate has only been around for less than 100 years.

What Makes Mint & Chocolate So Tasty?

There aren’t many scientific reasons why mint and chocolate go together so well, but that doesn’t mean no valid reasons exist! Chocolate takes on a rich, rounded, and sometimes earthy flavor, while mint provides a sharp and refreshing taste that enlivens the senses.


Basically, these two foods sit on the opposite spectrums of each other in terms of texture and taste. Well, you know the notion that opposites attract. In this case, mint and chocolate are opposites but are not an odd couple!


The mint touches the lighter side of your pallet, while the chocolate provides a full-bodied texture with a sweet and bitter combination to create a delectable flavor many people love.

Mint & Chocolate Treats

There are many different goodies that use mint and chocolate as their main ingredients. Additionally, enjoy these treats in many shapes, sizes, and textures!

Let’s look at some popular mint and chocolate combinations:


●        Mint Chocolate Fudge


●        Mint and Chocolate Chip Cookies


●        Mint Chocolate Cheesecake


●        Peppermint Patties


●        Peppermint Brownies


These are just a few mint and chocolate treats you can enjoy!

Stop By Legacy Chocolates for the Ultimate Chocolate Experience

You need quality ingredients when you want to make delicious mint chocolate recipes. Legacy Chocolates is your go-to place for carefully handcrafted, artisan chocolate in the Twin Cities.


Shop online, call us at 651-340-5252, or visit the historic Endicott Building in downtown St. Paul today!

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