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10 Tips for Storing Chocolate in the Summer

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10 Tips for Storing Chocolate in the Summer

Chocolate is one of the few great treasures of the world. Whether you have a supply of chocolate for holiday baking, making treats for the office, or just scarfing some down as you binge-watch your favorite shows, chocolate goes well with just about everything


One of the few things it doesn’t go with is the dreadful summer heat.


Luckily, Legacy Chocolates has a few ways to preserve your chocolate throughout the hot days of summertime! 

1. Hide in Dark & Dry Areas

Two allies in storing chocolate are the darkness and lack of humidity. Humidity causes the fat and sugars in the chocolate to separate and then solidify again, ruining the consistency and taste quickly.


Your pantry is an excellent place to avoid any light touching your chocolate, while a refrigerator keeps it well below the maximum temperature threshold of around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 


However, be sure to store the chocolate in a tin container or a plastic bag to seal it off from any moisture.

2. Cold Chocolate is Safe, But Not Tasty

Storing your chocolate is priority number one. When it comes to eating it and keeping the chocolate in a freezer or fridge, be sure to allow it to warm up. 


Like most food and drink, freezing chocolate preserves it for longer but kills the smells and the flavor that comes along with it. So, be sure to let your chocolate thaw before enjoying it!

3. Shelf Life of Chocolate

The average shelf life for most chocolate is around a year. After that point, chocolate ingredients lose their freshness and break down. If you buy top-notch chocolate treats like Legacy Chocolates, the lack of preservatives may quicken the process. 

So, if the chocolate in storage is nearing the year mark, you have the perfect excuse to gobble it all up and replace it soon!

4. Filled Chocolates

Chocolates with a filled center are more sensitive than regular chocolate products. 


So, if you don’t scarf all these filled chocolates down in one sitting, it’s best to store them in the fridge with an air-tight plastic seal to maintain their structure and freshness.

5. Refrigerate If Necessary

If your home tends to become exceptionally warm in the summer, you may want to consider refrigerating your chocolates. If you do, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or foil to prevent condensation from forming on the chocolate when it is taken out of the fridge. Let the chocolate warm to room temperature before eating. 

6. Rotate Stock

If you are a chocolate enthusiast and have a lot of chocolate, rotate your stock. This way, the older chocolate is eaten sooner before it goes bad. This also helps maintain the quality and freshness of your chocolate stash. 

7. Avoid Temperature Fluctuations 

Rapidly changing temperatures can wreak havoc on your chocolate and can cause bloom to develop. Avoid exposing your chocolate to changing temperatures if at all possible. 

8. Store Away From Strong Odors

Chocolate can absorb odors from other foods, so store it away from things like garlic, onions, or spices. These can impart unwanted flavors into your chocolate. 

9. Use Insulated Packaging

If you are transporting chocolate in hot weather, use insulated packaging, such as a cooler bag with ice packs. This is important for sipping chocolate or bringing chocolate on a trip. 

10. Air-Tight Containers

Use air-tight containers or resealable plastic bags to protect chocolate from moisture and humidity. This prevents the chocolate from absorbing moisture, which can cause it to become dull or develop chocolate bloom.

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