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6 Events That Call for Chocolate

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6 Events That Call for Chocolate

Let’s be honest: Chocolate is acceptable for any situation!


Bad days, good days, you name it – chocolate never disappoints. It is also great for events, providing a comforting and delicious treat for any occasion.


Here are some events that would benefit from the presence of chocolate!

1. Weddings

What’s better than celebrating every-lasting love between two individuals? Having chocolate there, of course! Chocolate is a welcome facet of any couple’s big day.


If it’s your big day, wedding favors are a welcome gift for your guests! Guests will be treated to a beautifully wrapped box with a pair of chocolates to enjoy at the ceremony or bring them home after the wedding finishes.


Perhaps you are unsure if every one of your guests at the wedding likes chocolate. If that’s the case, you could take advantage of having a dessert table! Not only will a dessert table give your wedding guest a delicious treat to snack on, but it can also act as an elegantly crafted focal point for your reception. Better yet, with Legacy Chocolates, you can customize the type of truffle to satisfy every kind of taste bud!


Are you on a guest list for a wedding? Why not get the happy couple a wedding present in the form of chocolate? Legacy Chocolates has five different styles of boxes to choose from.


Go with a traditional box of a dozen or two dozen truffles, or mix it up with a combo box of truffles and sipping chocolate!

2. Corporate Events

Less exciting than weddings, corporate events can always do with more treats!


The gift of chocolate helps grease the wheels with a client at an event just for them. Whether you’re trying to strike a deal with a client at an event, want to give them a gift for continued business, or a birthday, several options for client gifts are available at Legacy Chocolates!

3. Christmas & Holiday Season

The holiday season presents a slew of events worthy of chocolate. After all, nothing brings holiday cheer like chocolate!


Whether you’re getting gifts for family members or need a unique present to contribute when you play the “White Elephant” game with loved ones, the gift of chocolate is a perfect X-factor. Chocolate is a great way to show your appreciation and cheer. Plus, everyone loves it!

4. Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

If you have a parent or grandparent (or other close relatives) who loves chocolate, then showing your appreciation on Mother’s or Father’s Day with chocolate is a winning choice. Show them that you appreciate everything they’ve done for you by choosing the best chocolate gifts.


Don’t forget that you can also gift them coffee or tea from Legacy Chocolates.

5. Valentine’s Day

Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go together like peanut butter and jelly. Chocolate is a classic gift for your sweetheart, and choosing the best chocolates can help show you care.


Give your loved one the kind of chocolate that screams, “I love you!”

6. Anniversaries

No matter the type of anniversary, chocolates are a lovely gift for someone special. Chocolates are also a great gift for someone who has everything.


Show your dedication to your loved one the same way Legacy Chocolates dedicates our passion to making the best chocolates.

Choose Legacy Chocolates for Your Next Event

Legacy Chocolates is perfect for any event, from weddings to birthdays to anniversaries. Shop online, call us at 651-340-5252, or visit us at our shop in downtown St. Paul inside the historic Pioneer Endicott building!

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