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Ruby Chocolate: The 4th Type Of Chocolate?
On September 5th at a private event in Shanghai, the Swiss chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut presented what was gloriously appointed as ‘the 4th type of chocolate’. Chocolate experts from all over the world flew to China to assist to the revolution. It sounded like a big deal: after 80 years from the invention of white chocolate, the R&D department of the company managed to develop another kind of chocolate. Next to dark, milk and white, there is now a pink chocolate called Ruby.
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What Makes ‘Real’ Chocolate Better

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What Makes ‘Real’ Chocolate Better
There is a good reason why you find most chocolate bars in the ‘Candy’ aisle in most store. That is because they are not actually ‘real’ chocolate. A package labelled as a 65 percent bar of chocolate may contain some actual cacao and taste like chocolate, but that is where the similarities between ‘real chocolate’ and ‘fast chocolate’ end.
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