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What's The Buzz? Caffeine Facts About Chocolate vs. Coffee
Yes, that tasty bit of chocolate you're about to eat does indeed contain caffeine. But if you're looking for a caffeine boost, you might want to put down that truffle and grab a cup of coffee instead.
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Health Benefits of Coffee - Legacy Chocolates
We all know that coffee gives us a nice energy boost in the morning, but there are other health benefits, too. Humans have been drinking coffee since the 17th Century. The English were the first recognize the social benefits of drinking coffee. Newly minted coffee houses were popularly known as “penny universities,” because for a cent one could get a hot cup of coffee and have stimulating conversations with other people.
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Seven Coffee Facts You Need to Know

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Seven Coffee Facts You Need to Know
More than half of us in the United States drink coffee every day. And while we know coffee as our steadfast friend who provides us with a delicious jolt in the morning (and, for some, the in afternoon), most of us don't know much about that dark morning elixir. Here are some interesting coffee facts that you probably didn't know:
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