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Recipes With Legacy's Sipping Chocolate
Our sipping chocolate is considered Liquid Gold, that sought-after elixir that originally was to be savored only by the aristocratic of society. So, snuggle up and savor this royal drink that has become available for everyone and everyday. Simply heat and enjoy.
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Chocolate Leaves Are Fun for the Whole Family
In the world of chocolate, there is never a dull moment! If you're looking to decorate a food plate or dessert item, what better way than with your own homemade chocolate leaves! This is an easy and fun activity for children and adults alike.
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ADULT CHOCOLATE MILK: A easy & great tasting cocktail for New Year's!
This recipe takes everyone's favorite childhood beverage and dresses it up for more refined, adult palates. In fact, it makes for a sweet libation for ringing in the new year.
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Another Delectable Recipe: Chocolate Pots De Créme
Treat your guests, family, and self this winter with this rich, smooth treat. Here's how to wow everyone's palate with a homemade touch of decadence.
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