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Neato Coffee Facts Worth Knowing

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Neato Coffee Facts Worth Knowing

What do we love just as much as chocolate? Coffee! After all, they pair so perfectly together.


And we’re not alone: More than half of the United States drink coffee daily. Coffee is our steadfast friend who provides us with a delicious jolt in the morning – and, for some, the in the afternoon.


We all know that coffee perks us up in the morning, provides a pleasant boost in the afternoon, tastes great, goes well with cookies, and is generally a godsend for all flavor-loving hot-beverage enthusiasts. What else do you know about your dark morning elixir?


Here are some interesting coffee facts that you probably didn't know!

Coffee Is a Valuable Commodity

Coffee is the world's second-most-traded commodity. Only oil is traded more.

Coffee Has Zero Calories

Coffee, when drunk without additives, is a zero-calorie beverage. 

Coffee Is a Seed & a Fruit

The coffee “bean” is actually the seed of the coffee plant. Coffee is technically made out of fruit (which takes care of that food group).

Coffee Plants Have Longevity

A coffee plant takes five years to mature and can live up to 70 years. 


Speaking of coffee plants, did you know honeybees stick their tongues into coffee flowers to collect nectar? It contains low doses of caffeine, which the bees enjoy!

Coffee Likes Warm Weather

Trees like it hot: Nearly all coffee plants grow between 25 degrees north and 25 degrees south latitude. 


But not too hot: Coffee grows best at higher elevations where the temperature is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 


And the only American regions that produce coffee are Hawaii and Puerto Rico – sorry, Minnesotans! One-third of all coffee in the world comes from Brazil.

Coffee Is Consumed Worldwide

The world consumes approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee daily. About 100 million coffee drinkers in the USA consume 400 million cups daily – enough to fill 14.2 Statues of Liberty. 


The world record for most coffee consumption is 82 cups in seven hours, and the lethal dose of coffee for an adult is 100 cups. 


The average coffee drinker consumes 3.1 cups of coffee daily. (Hopefully, they’re brewing it correctly.)

Coffee Is a Luxury

The world's most expensive coffee is "Black Ivory," which comes from elephant poop (two cups for $50). 


Many American workers spend about $20 per week on coffee.

Coffee Works in the Afternoon

While a lot of us look forward to caffeine in the morning, the best time for coffee is actually around 2:00 pm. 


Studies have shown that most people's energy levels are at their lowest at about 2:16 pm.

Legacy Chocolates: Your Twin Cities Source for Good Coffee

Stop by our Saint Paul location and try a rich, fresh cup of the best coffee in Minnesota. And if you're feeling particularly smart, do so at 2:16 pm to combat the late-afternoon doldrums. 


Grab some of our famous handmade chocolates. Have a coffee. Have two. Just don't have 100 – we want you to be able to come back for more!


Do you have some coffee trivia of your own that you'd like to share? Head downtown and let us know. We're always eager to meet new people, learn more about our favorite confections, and share with the good people of Minnesota.



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