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Honoring Queen Elizabeth With 4 British Chocolate Favorites

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Honoring Queen Elizabeth With 4 British Chocolate Favorites

Queen Elizabeth II reigned in Britain for almost 75 years. On September 8, 2022, she passed away at 96. It is a major moment in history, and we at Legacy want to honor the Queen’s memory in our own way by honoring her love of chocolate!


Britain has a long history of chocolate treats, and we’ll break down our favorite British chocolate traditions. Let’s dive in!

1. Drinking Hot Chocolate

Britain began drinking hot chocolate in the 17th century, at the time when chocolate first arrived in London. Businessmen could be seen drinking hot chocolate in the shops that sprang up around London. However, the chocolate and coffee shops were filled with gambling, illicit conversations and politics.


The unrest got so bad that Charles II passed an edict in 1675 banning public houses from selling coffee, tea, or chocolate. Because of the massive backlash, this ban was lifted after a few weeks. Hot chocolate has remained a popular drink in Britain.


Using Legacy Chocolate's European Blend Hot Cocoa Mix, you can also have the European hot chocolate experience. If you’re looking for an even richer chocolate experience, you can try Legacy’s European Sipping Chocolate.

2. Checkerboard Cake

Checkerboard cake, or Battenberg Cake, is typically made using jam and marzipan. However, chocolate can make a great substitute. When sliced into, the cake portion of the Battenberg takes on a checkerboard look.


This type of cake was originally created as a wedding gift for Prince Louis of Battenberg, Germany, and Princess Victoria (granddaughter of Queen Victoria). The Battenberg was designed to please the British palette and German aesthetics.


If you want to skip the marzipan icing and go for chocolate frosting, Legacy’s pure chocolate wafers can be melted down to use in a chocolate frosting recipe.

3. Bread and Butter Pudding

The origin of bread and butter pudding can be traced back to the early 11th and 12th centuries, when cooks had to find a way to make use of stale bread instead of letting it go to waste. In the 13th century, it was called “poor man’s pudding” by the lower classes.


Bread and butter pudding is made by layering bits of bread and any add-ins and pouring over a custard sauce before baking. The recipe is easily customizable, using any loaves of bread or any add-ins that you see fit.


And of course, you can drizzle some liquid chocolate over the top to finish off a delicious dessert!

4. Truffles

Truffles, and specifically chocolate truffles, are decadent, bite-sized desserts that are easily enjoyable. While chocolate truffles are originally a French invention, they are popular worldwide, including in Britain. One chocolate truffle version is the European, which uses syrup and a base made of cocoa powder, milk powder, and butter.


Truffles are easy to customize and can even contain liquor. At Legacy Chocolates, our truffles are carefully hand-crafted from the finest ingredients! Our standard flavors include Mint, Espresso, Caramel, Caramel Pecan, Almond, Double, Classic, Himalayan Caramel, and Raspberry.

Craving Chocolate?

If you suddenly need chocolate, look no further than Legacy Chocolates, your local Twin Cities chocolate shop. Come visit our historic Pioneer Endicott Building location or shop online to try our handcrafted, artisan chocolate desserts. We look forward to serving you!

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