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10 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for You

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10 Reasons Chocolate Is Good for You

While chocolate might be considered a comfort food to some, its health benefits are understated. “Real” chocolate offers a slew of health benefits, and you should know about them!


Legacy Chocolates offers a variety of chocolate options, from liquid to solid, and you can experience the health benefits of chocolate in either form.


Check out some interesting health benefits attributed to our favorite food: chocolate!

1. Antioxidant Support

Dark chocolate has many flavonoids. These antioxidants, also found in fruits, vegetables, and red wine, are valuable disease-fighting substances. Surprisingly, chocolate is a powerful anti-sickness food.

2. Lowered Blood Pressure

 Cocoa flavanols also lower blood pressure, similar to ACE inhibitors. These flavanols stimulate your body’s nitrous oxide production, lessening your heart’s strain. While the effects are small, continuous chocolate consumption reduces your chance of heart disease.

3. Liver Health

Because chocolate has positive effects on blood pressure, it’s also healthy for your liver. Modern research supports the positive impact chocolate has on liver-based blood flow. It can even prevent long-term liver damage if consumed regularly.

4. Cancer Prevention

 Experts believe cocoa contains cancer-fighting substances. Pentameric procyanidin—also called pentamer—can disrupt the spread of cancer cells. While the support is negligible, Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers discovered the positive impacts of chocolate on cancer proteins.

5. Cough Control

 Many claims that chocolate can prevent coughing (and we’ve tried it). Theobromine contained within the chocolate seemingly reduces the vagus nerve activity. When activated, the vagus nerve triggers coughing, but its sensitivity can be lowered if consistently treated. Though only a small benefit, it’s a benefit nonetheless. If you’re sick or have a tickle in your throat, consider trying some chocolate. It tastes better than cough syrup!

6. Brain Cell Stimulation

Researchers feel that dark chocolate can shield your brain cells, too. While chocolate contains many physical benefits, there’s reason to believe it can make you marginally smarter. Dark chocolate also boosts the production of ‘feel-good’ chemicals in your brain called endorphins.

7. It Makes You Happy

There are plenty of health benefits to eating chocolate. However, one health benefit is often overlooked, but the most important is that chocolate makes you happy! Authentic chocolate hosts a chemical called tryptophan within its structure. This chemical helps you release the hormone serotonin, which gives you an elated feeling. So, the next time you’re feeling down, grab some Legacy Chocolates to cheer you up!

8. Immune System Support

The Flavonols in dark chocolate help reduce oxidative stress in your immune system, helping it recover from its lifelong fight against disease-causing cells.

9. Chocolate Helps the Gut

Chocolate is made out of Cacao, the raw unprocessed version of cocoa. The chemical makeup of cacao and cocoa are found to help promote friendly bacteria in your gut, which will aid in reducing inflammation. Your gut health is closely related to your entire body's overall physical and mental health. So, do your gut a favor and grab some dark chocolate!

10. Better Athletic Performance

Chocolate hosts another helpful chemical called epicatechin. Epicatechin is responsible for the production of nitric oxide in your blood. More nitric oxide in your blood makes for better circulation and reduces the amount of oxygen needed for exercise. So, if you’re getting ready for a 5K, make sure you add chocolate to your diet!

Legacy Chocolates: Great-Tasting, Healthy Chocolate

If you’re good to your body, your body will be good to you. Sure, chocolate alone will not overhaul your whole body health, but it’s a great-tasting way to start.


Remember, ‘real’ chocolate is not candy, and its benefits outweigh any negative health impacts. Along with a balanced diet, a little chocolate per day (paired with a glass of wine, of course) can be surprisingly beneficial to your long-term health.


Check out the healthy chocolate selection at Legacy Chocolates, and boost your body’s capabilities. Created with natural ingredients, Legacy Chocolates offers all-natural, handmade chocolate that does not contain preservatives or corn syrup.


Shop online or visit us at our store, located in the historic Endicott building in Downtown St. Paul today!

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