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Chocolate Talk - Part 2

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Chocolate Talk - Part 2
In our last post, we talked about some common chocolate-related vocabulary words. Today we've added some additional chocolate terms to our reference list.
Couverture: high-quality, glossy chocolate used by professional chocolatiers for dipping handmade confections, though it can be used for eating or baking. Couverture (French for 'covering') has a higher percentage of cocoa butter than other chocolates, enabling it to form a thinner shell. 
Unsweetened Chocolate: commonly used for baking, it has no sugar added during the manufacturing process.
Enrobing: the process of coating fillings to make certain filled confections. The fillings (kept warm so that they don't expand o contact with the warm chocolate and burst) pass through the coating chamber on a conveyor belt and are covered with liquid chocolate.
Confectionary Coating (aka summer coating or compound chocolate): a chocolate substitute made from vegetable fat, sugar, milk solids, and flavoring. Since it contains no cocoa butter it does not taste like chocolate, only sweet.
Fondant Chocolate: chocolate with a particularly smooth texture, made by adding cocoa butter to the cocoa mass.
At Legacy Chocolates we hand-dip all of our truffles with high-quality couverture chocolate. Walk by the windows of our skyway location and you will see the process firsthand. We look forward to serving you! 
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