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Ditch the Candy This Halloween Season

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Ditch the Candy This Halloween Season

Many of you have already seen the piles are colorfully packaged mini treats in your local grocery store, hardware store, heck - even the farm supply store. The impulse reaction is to not only pick some up for the cute kids who will be knocking on your door, but to have a small stash for your household (or perhaps a secret one for yourself). Instead of opting for stale chocolate "candy" made months ago and that contains preservatives, serve up some homemade treats made with real chocolate for your family stash or to serve at an upcoming Halloween party.

Here are some suggestions:

• Try using our Cocoa Rouge cocoa powder in your brownies, cakes, and cupcakes. You will notice a huge difference with the smooth texture and rich flavor.

• Melt some of our chocolate wafers in a double boiler and either dip treats on a stick in the chocolate to fully cover, or use the melted chocolate to drizzle over popcorn balls or Chex Mix snacks.

• Place some of our chocolate wafers onto crescent roll dough triangles. Roll the majority of the dough leaving one pointed corner to create a witches hat.

• Use Legacy Chocolate's Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix to serve the kids and parents who may be braving the cold on that creepy night. It only contains two quality ingredients rather than the big name brand packets that list a paragraph of artificial additives.

• Planning a dessert fondue at the party? Use our Potion #9 Chocolate Sauce for dipping fruit, cake, or graham wafers.

We realize everyone has their guilty Halloween pleasure, whether it's candy corn or Tootsie Rolls, but we're here for you when the sugar-high has worn off and the inflatable spiders have deflated. Stop by our chocolate and coffee shop in downtown St Paul, MN to experience the difference that artisan chocolate can make in your life. 



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