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Add a Little Flavor to Your Favorite Coffee Blend

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Add a Little Flavor to Your Favorite Coffee Blend

Now that fall is setting in you may feel the urge to gravitate towards the usual suspects being promoted by many coffee shops, such as pumpkin spice or other flavor blends. Instead of adding calories or chemicals to your coffee we have some suggestions to spice up your favorite coffee blend - for any season.

Option #1: Flavored Oils

A variety of flavored oils are available in stores and online. Many can be found that do not contain artificial flavors. Pour 1-3 teaspoons of flavoring per 1 pound of coffee beans. The ideal way for any flavor to be absorbed is when the beans are still warm and porous after roasting, but adding it to cooled beans works just fine - it just takes a little longer to absorb the flavor into the bean. Therefore, let your beans sit overnight for a more bountiful flavor. Store your flavored beans in an airtight container, preferably ceramic or stainless steel, as plastic will absorb the flavor and smell of the beans as well as the flavoring. Never store your coffee in the freezer.

Option #2: Get Grinding

Another option for naturally flavoring your beans is to add spices. You may even choose to grind or chop some yourself, such as a vanilla pod, cinnamon stick, or hazelnuts. After mixing thoroughly place your spiced beans in an airtight container, such as above. With this method it is also recommended to let your beans sit overnight or longer in order to absorb the flavors of the spices or nuts added.

Option #3: Flavorful French Press

If you are a fan of the french press method of coffee and don't want to wait until tomorrow to enjoy some flavored coffee, simply add some ground hazelnuts, spices, or both in the pot with your ground coffee and let it steep.

Don't forget that a good cup of coffee always starts with properly roasted beans. Therefore, stop in to the Legacy Chocolates café to pick up one of the six varieties offered that day. Live outside of Minnesota? Orders can be placed online at legacychocolates.com/shop-online



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