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A Visitor Discovers Legacy Chocolates

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A Visitor Discovers Legacy Chocolates

Note: One of our new customers, Peter Montana, asked if he could write this blog post. We hope you enjoy! - Legacy Chocolates

I was making my way through the skyway system in St Paul from near Rice Park to Union Depot when something caught my eye. Well, it caught my nose first: a blend of freshly ground coffee beans and chocolate. It wasn't hard to find the source. Just to my left was Legacy Chocolates, a coffee and artisan chocolate shop located in the Pioneer-Endicott building. Drawn in by the wonderful aroma, I looked around, not knowing what to get. At the front the proprietors had set out some samples of their chocolate bark, and I sampled a few kinds. The first bites were so delicious that I wanted to eat all of it right there. But I resisted, instead opting to buy a bag of mint chocolate bark (WOW!) and a few truffles. 

When I brought these treats home, my wife was initially viewed my enthusiasm with skepticism. It didn't take long to convince her to give them a try, though - who can resist beautiful, homemade chocolate? Her face lit up like she had won the lottery. "You need to bring this home more often!" she said. I agreed. 

Legacy Chocolates is a great addition to downtown St Paul. Over the last few years more and more people are moving downtown, making Legacy a great place to grab an uplifting cup of joe and some sweet treats for the newly minted denizens. And for those of us who don't live downtown, we'll have to make more excuses to go there so that we can keep our pantries stocked with locally made goodies. 

If you've been to Legacy Chocolates, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, check it out. It's a true gem in the heart of Minnesota's capitol city. 

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