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Honeybees Are Nature's Little Coffee Addicts

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Honeybees Are Nature's Little Coffee Addicts
There is another creature on this planet that enjoys caffeine as much as we do - honeybees! Honeybees stick their tongues into coffee flowers to collect nectar, and that nectar contains low doses of caffeine. 
Honeybees get caffeinated for the same reasons we do. 
1. Memorization: Bees travel thousands of miles to collect nectar, often jumping between numerous flowers. Caffeine in the coffee flower manipulates a bee's long-term memory. A study of honeybees concluded that caffeine makes certain flowers more memorable. Because bees enjoy the stimulant, they tend to return to the caffeinated flowers more frequently.
2. Productivity: Since caffeinated bees remember which flowers give them the most kick, t makes them more productive and focused, because they don't waste time pollinating the wrong flowers.
3. It's Habit-Forming: Bees remember the effects of caffeine, and they develop a preference for coffee trees when collecting nectar. Sounds a bit familiar to anyone who is a slave to their coffee pot.
The point is, the next time you have a cup of coffee and you're feeling 'buzzed', remember that you are not the only one. Swing by our place in downtown St Paul and we'll help you find the perfect cup of coffee to help you gain that buzzy edge. 
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