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Another 10 Neato Coffee Facts Worth Knowing

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Another 10 Neato Coffee Facts Worth Knowing
Our recent post on 10 Neato Coffee Facts Worth Knowing was so popular that we've come up with another 10 interesting facts about our favorite energy-giving elixir. 
Did you know:
1. Hawaii is the only U.S. state that grows coffee commercially. 
2. The top three most caffeinated cities: #1 Seattle, WA, #2 Portland, OR, #3 San Jose, CA
3. America consumes 400 million cups of coffee daily (enough to fill 14.2 Statues of Liberty).
4. Coffee is technically made out of fruit (which takes care of that food group).
5. The best time for coffee is around 2:00 pm. (Studies have shown that most people's energy levels are at their lowest at about 2:16 pm).
6. Coffee has zero calories.
7. A grande coffee contains the caffeine equivalent of 9.5 cans of Coke.
8. It takes 40 coffee beans to make an espresso.
9. American spends $4 billion importing coffee each year.
10. The lethal dose of coffee for an adult is 100 cups.
Stop by our Saint Paul location and try a rich cup of the best coffee in Minnesota. And if you're feeling particularly smart, do so at 2:16 pm to combat the late-afternoon doldrums. Grab some of our famous handmade chocolates. Have a coffee. Have two. Just don't have 100: we want you to be able to come back for more. 
Do you have some coffee trivia of your own that you'd like to share? Head downtown and let us know. We're always eager to meet new people, learn more about our favorite confections, and share with the good people of Minnesota. 
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