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Recipes With Legacy's Sipping Chocolate

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Recipes With Legacy's Sipping Chocolate
Our sipping chocolate is considered Liquid Gold, that sought-after elixir that originally was to be savored only by the aristocratic of society. So, snuggle up and savor this royal drink that has become available for everyone and everyday. Simply heat and enjoy.
Serving Suggestions:
Casual: Need a quick shot to satisfy that sweet tooth, give you a boost of energy, or feel satisfied until your next meal? Heat 2 oz. Sipping Chocolate and serve in a demitasse or espresso cup.
Elegant: Want to impress guests? Heat a 1.5 oz. portion of Sipping Chocolate and add .5 oz. of your favorite liqueur. Serve in a glass as an after-dinner drink.
Energizer: Need a natural accelerant? Heat 2 oz. of Sipping Chocolate and add a shot of espresso. Serve in an espresso or small coffee cup.
International: Want a vacation, but cannot afford the airfare? For a Parisian twist, add fresh cream to Sipping Chocolate and heat. For something south of the border, add a little vanilla, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper.
Ultimate Decadence: Like to eat your dessert with a spoon? Heat 2 oz. of Sipping Chocolate and pour over 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream, or hazelnut gelato.
Caution: Drinking these without sharing may result in chocolate envy. Share responsibly.
Stop by our shop in downtown St Paul, Minnesota and experience the wonders of our Sipping Chocolate for yourself! 
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