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Chocolate Leaves Are Fun for the Whole Family

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Chocolate Leaves Are Fun for the Whole Family
In the world of chocolate, there is never a dull moment! If you're looking to decorate a food plate or dessert item, what better way than with your own homemade chocolate leaves! This is an easy and fun activity for children and adults alike. 
All you need is some chocolate and leaves. Yes, the kind from trees. Those that work best are reasonably thick and flexible. Bay and holly can be too stiff, and ivy too flimsy. 
• 5 ounces tempered chocolate, warm
• 24 leaves
1. You can paint either side of the leaf, but typically the underside works best. 
2. Paint carefully so that the alternate side stays clean. 
3. When dry, paint on another layer, and repeat again if needed.
4. Let set about 20 minutes.
5. Carefully peel real leaves from chocolate ones.
Use your newly minted chocolate leaves however you like! 
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