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Chocolate Isn't Just For Dessert

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Chocolate Isn't Just For Dessert

Many individuals have the misconception that chocolate is sweet and should only be consumed as a dessert - this couldn't be further from the truth. Chocolate in it's pure form has no sugar whatsoever, which makes it the perfect ingredient to change-up some old recipes. Try adding cocoa nibs to roasted vegetables, salads, breads, oatmeal, grilled prawns, couscous, lamb, poultry, stuffing, and more. Chocolate in other forms can also be incorporated into sauces and glazes (such as mole sauce), or as a seasonal change-up ingredient, such as in the dough of a pumpkin ravioli. However you decide to prepare it, chocolate is versatile enough to be on everybody's menu this holiday season - in a classic or non-traditional way.

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