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What Are Cocoa Intensities?

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What Are Cocoa Intensities?

Have you noticed a percentage listed on your favorite chocolate, either at our shop or elsewhere? That number is the amount of actual cocoa that particular item contains. Some chocolate companies add a lot of sugar, fillers, and preservatives, which lessens the cocoa ratio of that product. At Legacy Chocolates we only use quality ingredients and do not use corn syrup, fillers, or preservatives - which is why we keep our chocolate refrigerated. Listed below is more information about the different types of chocolate we produce and carry, as well as their cocoa intensities:

Semisweet, Bittersweet, and Unsweetened

These types of chocolate do not contain any milk. In addition to cocoa, you’ll find sugar combined with other ingredients, such as vanilla. Our semisweet, bittersweet, and unsweetened chocolate ranges from a 61% to a 100% cocoa intensity.

Milk Chocolate

As the name suggests, this type of chocolate contains milk, and has less cocoa than dark chocolate. At Legacy, our milk chocolate is a 41% cocoa intensity.

White Chocolate

Technically, white chocolate isn’t really chocolate at all, as it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids. The one ingredients that allows it to be classified as chocolate is that is does contain cocoa butter. Our white chocolate is a 31% cocoa intensity.

Cocoa Powder

Great for baking and using in other chocolate products, cocoa powder is comprised of 100% cocoa solids and contains no sugar.

Cocoa Nibs

Similar to roasted coffee beans, this is chocolate in one of its purest forms before anything else is added. The cocoa beans are dried, fermented, roasted, and chopped up into little pieces. There is no sugar or other ingredients added. Our cocoa nibs are a 100% cocoa intensity.

Whatever kind of chocolate you desire, Legacy Chocolates in St. Paul offers handmade delicacies crafted with the finest ingredients. Come visit us and experience our wide range of chocolate intensities for yourself!

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