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Twelve More Facts You Might Not Know About Chocolate (Part 2)

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Twelve More Facts You Might Not Know About Chocolate (Part 2)

In our last post, we presented Twelve Fun Facts You May Not Know About Chocolate. Due to popular demand, we're back with some more facts about everybody's favorite snack. Enjoy!

1. Three Musketeers bars were originally sold as three pieces in a package, one each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors. Why the change? The price of strawberries went up.

2. Ruth Wakefield, the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie, sold her recipe to Nestle. Her payment? A lifetime supply of chocolate.

3. White chocolate technically isn't really chocolate. But you already knew that.

4. Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream was born of an anonymous suggestion at their factory.

5. If you've had a particularly hard workout, chocolate milk is a good post-workout recovery drink.

6. The most expensive chocolate bar of all time sold for $687 in 2001. The bar was brought along on Captain Robert Scott's first expedition to the Antarctic.

7. A study conducted in London in 2004 showed that 70% of people would reveal their passwords in exchange for a chocolate bar.

8. On Valentine's Day ever year, American buy over 58 million pounds of chocolate.

9. Do you know where the most chocolate in the world is sold? The Brussels Airport. More than 800 tons are sold there every year.

10. Bookstores love chocolate because the mere aroma makes customers 40% more likely to buy cookbooks or romance novels, and 22% more likely to buy any books at all.

11. Did you think German chocolate cake is from Germany? Nope. It's named after its inventor, Sam German.

12. The best chocolate in all of Minnesota is at Legacy Chocolates. (OK, we're a little biased!) 

If you've enjoyed these facts, you'll certainly enjoy the wide array of handmade chocolate products that we showcase in our downtown St Paul coffee shop. Stop by and experience how Legacy Chocolates can enhance the quality of your life.

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