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Sipping Chocolate

A Decadent Chocolate Elixir

Our sipping chocolate is the original way to enjoy chocolate - in an intoxicating drink! Based on the European version, we combine the intense character of high-quality bittersweet chocolate with organic evaporated cane juice sugar to create this dairy-free delicacy. Drink the traditional way by simply heating a 2 oz. size amount in a small demi-tasse cup, or create your own version by adding cream, your favorite liqueur, or an espresso shot. This decadent drink also makes an elegant dessert. Size: 16 oz

Where did sipping chocolate originate? It was the Mayans who first created a warm, unsweetened liquid beverage (chocolatl) from crushed cocoa beans, which was enjoyed by royalty and shared at sacred ceremonies. Even though Christopher Columbus was the first to bring cocoa beans back to Spain in 1502, it was Cortes in 1519 that realized the economic potential for cocoa beans and experimented with chocolatl, adding cane sugar to make it more agreeable to Spanish taste. It continued to undergo flavor refinements over the years with the addition of spices, such as cinnamon and vanilla. Eventually, the French and British learned of this secret beverage and it was acclaimed throughout Europe as a delicious, health-giving drink.


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