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Delicious Add-Ins for the Perfect Home Made Hot Chocolate
There are few things as comforting as a cup of hot chocolate, and with Legacy’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa Mix you are guaranteed quality along with taste. Unlike many mass-produced brands that list a paragraph of chemicals you cannot pronounce as their ingredients, our Hot Cocoa Mix only contains two ingredients – cocoa rouge cocoa powder and evaporated cane juice sugar. Looking to jazz-up your hot cocoa? Here are a few suggestions to experiment with the next time you're preparing a cup.
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The Art of Pairing Chocolate and Coffee

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The Art of Pairing Chocolate and Coffee
Look in any bookstore and you will discover dozens of books to teach you the best way to pair wine and food. Ask the bartender at your local pub for the perfect beer to match your meal and you are sure to find a new favorite. But what if your favorite drink is coffee? Is the perfect culinary pairing for coffee a donut, bagel or bran muffin? No. It is chocolate.
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